ORIGINAL SCRIPTS by Jacqueline McMahon
These scripts were written for Slightly Off Broadway's drama/musical theatre program.  These scripts are written for family audiences and can be performed by kids and teens.
Children's drama · ages 7 - 10
The Show Must Go On
The Wizard's Trick
All Hands on Deck
Children's drama · ages 10 - 14
I Dare You
Gimme The Good Old Days
Pet Patrol
Mixed Ages · 8 - Adult
The Princess & the Orgre
Teen to Adult
You don't have to be crazy to work here...
Mannequins (coming soon)

For children's drama classes/theatre groups ages 7-10 All have a running time of 30 min. or less

The circus has come to town but a disastrous rehearsal threatens to ruin the show. Can the performers recover in time for their opening night?

The Queen is auditioning acts for her yearly talent show but she's having trouble finding any talent. Watch as the wise old Wizard devises a plan that gives the performers the self-confidence they need.

Written for 13 performers, this play takes place on a planet in another galaxy where the beings are actually a suit of playing cards (clubs) whose only influence on their society has been from satellite signals from earth. The problem is, the only satellite signals ever received were transmissions of
"Court T.V." and old Navy musicals.

For drama classes/theatre groups of kids ages 10-14
All have a running time of 30-45 min.

A group of girls decides to spend the night in an old, deserted house as the initiation for their new club. But, rumors are that the house is haunted. You decide as the girls spend one long, stormy night trying to find out for themselves.

Set in the 23rd century, this comedy puts a whole new perspective on the family unit. This time, it's the kids who are in charge as they try to figure out their "parental units". 

It's a typical day at school until a pet tarantula disappears. Now, everyone's on Pet Patrol. 

For drama classes/theatre groups of mixed ages 
8 to adult

A delightful tale in true fairy tale fashion, the Princess and the Ogre is the story of a Kingdom under the ruler of a King whose past has come back to haunt him. Will his happy kingdom be forced to give up the music that they so enjoy or will his daughter, Princess Aria, have to make the ultimate sacrifice? (approx. 45 min. running time)

A 10 minute play written entirely in verse poking fun at "the system".

(written by the kids who attended our August 2005 session)



Branna Bachynski
Nathanael Bachynski
Emily Philp
Stephanie Philp
Emily Puulama
Roxanne Safronyk
Stephanie Kawei
Zoe Kawei


      “Hurry up, Hannah.  I can’t see the class anymore,” said Mikayla.
 Hannah sighed as she tried to catch up.  Daniel squinted to see through his mist covered glasses, peering through the fog that
surrounded them. 

     The three friends hurried up the one hundred and twenty-nine stone steps leading up to Copper Cliff Castle, happy to have finally caught
up with their class.

     The castle before them was covered from head to toe with dark green vines that protected and hid its grey stone walls.

     “Come along class.  Grab your buddies and stick together.  We have to make the three-o'clock tour.

     The children obediently followed the teacher through the large wooden doors into the castle's entryway.

     The tour started as the guide led everyone into the dark, shadowy castle, but before ten minutes had passed, heavy rain began to pour.
It was the perfect weather for touring a spooky, old castle.
     The children continued being led around the castle for over an hour.  Thunder boomed and lightening flashed.

     Soon after, they left the huge living room and ventured down the hall to the room of the mummified statues, including one of a cat.
Surrounding a cobweb covered window, the class looked outside
and saw large waves crashing onto the rocks and shore below.

     The tour guide pulled out his cell phone and placed a call to the mainland.

     “Captain Bob, the weather’s a code blue. We must leave while it’s still high tide.”

     Ten minutes later, Captain Bob’s ship arrived.  Everybody rushed out of the castle and down to the dock to get on the boat, everyone
except for Mikayla, Daniel and Hannah, who were all still staring at
the mummified cat.

     Realizing they were all alone, the three friends decided they had better go looking for their class.  They searched and searched through
the dark castle but as they went in and out of each room, they did not
find the others. 

     As they walked down a particularly large, dingy hallway, Hannah fell slightly behind Mikayla and Daniel.  But Hannah was talking,
more to herself than to them, so at least they could hear her behind
them as they continued along.

     All of a sudden, Daniel stopped to listen, but there was only silence.  Daniel turned to look behind them.  "Look," he said pointing.
“I didn’t think Hannah was so heavy that she could fall through the

     Mikayla turned and to her surprise she saw the large hole in the castle floor.  She walked over toward it and bent down, trying to
peer down into the dark space. Daniel did the same.

                                        *   *   *

     Hannah sat up on the dusty ground and looked around, squinting to see. It was dark and cold where she was and she shivered.  Out of
the corner of her eye, she noticed a silvery mist forming and moving
toward her.  Hannah screamed!

*   *   *

     Daniel moved in for a closer look into the hole.  “It’s a trapdoor,” he said. Mikayla sat down on the ground and Daniel gently pushed her
over the edge and down through the trapdoor.  Then, he jumped in
after her. 

     Mikayla landed on the hard, dusty ground with a thud.  Daniel landed on top of her.  She slapped him and pushed him off of her.
Adjusting their eyes to the darkness, they spotted Hannah just a few
feet away.  She was enveloped in a silvery mist.

     Hannah stared, almost hypnotized, into the eyes of her cousin Joseph.  He had disappeared the previous year.

      Mikayla ran to her friend.  “Hannah,” she called out, “get up!” 

      Mikayla knelt beside her friend and shook her, sensing that
Hannah was in some kind of trance or something.  The silvery mist
floated away from Hannah. 

      Daniel stood, adjusting his eyes to the darkness of the small, cold room.  He was about to walk over to the girls when Hannah froze, pointing over his shoulder.  Daniel turned around.  He too saw the ghostly image of a boy – Hannah’s cousin in ghost form.

      Daniel grabbed Mikayla’s hand, pulled Hannah off the ground and dragged the girls up a set of stairs to the left side of the room.  At the top of the stairs, Daniel let go of the girls and ran even faster.  The girls followed until they were all outside. 

     The rain still fell, but it was lighter now, since the storm had passed.  The tide had begun to go out, leaving a rocky shoreline stretching back to the mainland. 

      “Was that Joseph inside the castle?” asked Mikayla, her voice shaking.  “Why was he there?”

     Hannah spoke, trying not to cry.  “Don’t you remember what happened last year?” she said.  “Joseph was on a tour of Copper Cliff Castle last year and he mysteriously disappeared and was never found.”

     Mikayla nodded, wondering how she could have forgotten something so awful. Daniel, not wanting to stay near the castle any longer than necessary, began walking.

      “Come on,” he said, “We’d better get back, but we’ll have to walk.”

      Mikayla put her arm around Hannah and the three friends trudged along the rocky shore toward the Copper Cliff Castle tour stand.  When they arrived, their teacher, Mr. Hanson, was doing a head count.  Luckily, they hadn’t been missed.

     As the class loaded onto the school bus, Mikayla, Hannah and Daniel looked at one another.  The three best friends didn’t have to say what they were thinking, but to this day, they have never gone on another field trip.



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