www.broadwayonsunset.org (musical theatre information)
www.geocities.com/musicalmakers  (musical theatre information)
www.geocities.com/Broadway/Stage/4787  (links to many famous musicals)
www.nwpg.org (northwest playright's guild)

Performing arts links:

www.arts-books.com The specialist performing arts store. 
www.geocities.com/sloffbrdway  (Slightly off Broadway fun site)
teachers and students)

Dance links:

www.tapdogs.com  (Australia's famous tap troupe)
www.tap.dance.org/tap/  (great tap dance site)


Writing and Books

www.theatrebooks.com  (Toronto's leading bookstore for theatre books)
www.cadvision.com/sdempsey/icwphmpg.html  (International centre for women playrights)
www.suite101.com/welcome.cfm/playwriting  (valuable info. and tips on playwriting)

Publishing links:

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